Our Solutions

DataTap's cloud services address evolving industry painpoints.

SDN / NFV Assurance

Rapid growth in application and data services propelled the need to reduce infrastructure cost and increase service agility. SDN and NFV enable programmable and scalable infrastructure enabling communication service providers to rethink their service models. This extra-ordinary flexibility promised by SDN/NFV technologies also takes out the deterministic tight restrictive deployment models that offered certainty on QoS and customer satisfaction in traditional environments. Finding the right combination of NFVs that fulfill CSP service offering desires and enabling them in the complex SDN environments poses great challenges.

  • Federated SDN Controllers
  • NFV Instance Placement
  • Right combination of NFVs in a SFC
  • Dynamic Capacity Management
  • SDN/NFV Performance Optimization
  • Consolidating Policy framework
  • Complex configuration management
Our Solution

  • Multi-level SDN control and data plane visibility
  • Instance selection & placement insights
  • Programmable assurance platform
  • Flow tuning and sclaing recommendations
  • SFC detection and usage patterns
  • Trend analysis for capacity planning
  • Configuration snapshots
  • SFC detection and failure analisys
  • Underlay / Overlay mapping
  • Chain optimization and policy insights

IMS / VoIP Assurance

Network operations groups are pre-occupied with Interconnection and call quality issues that are critical to traditional Telco voice services. With the proliferation of data services, VoIP has become another application service for CSPs. With VoIP services integrating with other services more often than before, customer service assurance has become a collaborative measure of voip and other data services. As data services are dominating the traditional telco environments, once popular mobile roaming has transitioned into Data Roaming problem. Faster adoption of SDN/NFV technologies by CSPs has also contributed to a new dimension of complexity in the network. DataTap offers comprehensive service visibility across SDN/NFV, IMS/VoIP domains with a BigData architecture, enabling CSPs with tools and solutions that provide new vantage point into their service delivery.

  • VoIP network monitoring & troubleshooting
  • QoS and Media anamoly detection
  • Decrease MTTR
  • Understanding traffic deviations
  • Capacity and SLA management
  • B2B roaming service reporting from 200TB+ data
  • Get historical trending prescriptive insights

Our Solution

  • Advanced correlation and analytics techniques
  • Error detection and trending analysis for RCA
  • Signaling/media record correlation with logs from servers and gateways
  • Big data architecture to perform historical time series analysis over large record volumes
  • Customer portal capability for multi-level reporting
  • Scalable assurance architecture reduce the effect on core services

Hybrid IT Monitoring

IT efficiencies, cost savings, and agility are the key drivers for hybrid cloud adoption. Industry research shows on an average every enterprise has 25% of their IT living in the cloud. Application vendors are driving the cloud adoption by making advanced versions of their software available on the cloud months before releasing the on-premises version. Monitoring is key to get the normalized visibility to your hybrid IT service delivery.

  • Lack of Hybrid IT expertise
  • Security and privacy concerns
  • Uncontrollable cloud sprawl
  • Asset distribution between cloud & on-prem
  • Network feature disparity between cloud & on-prem
  • No visibility into cloud IaaS
  • No direct access to cloud resources
Our Solution

  • Visibility into rudimentary cloud attributes
  • Advanced threat detection & log analysis
  • Support for all major cloud offerings
  • Historical views into cloud usage by app, server and network
  • Works closely with VPN/Firewall software for smoother network integration
  • Cloud server traffic correlation
  • Easy deployment with agent-less model

Cloud Services Monitoring

Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastrcuture as a Service (IaaS) offerings are driving the need for cloud service monitoring. Monitoring solutions based on event modeling are not aging well with legacy functionality not scaling upto cloud challenge. Dynamic and loosely coupled server operations environment make cloud offerings different from traditional datacenter model. (e.g. provide greater flexibility but at the same time complicate their management)

  • Massive server clusters with multi-tier environment
  • Huge amounts of traffic with dynamic flow environment
  • Tenant level visibility
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud-scale
  • Agile & elastic computing environment
  • Continuous Integration
  • SLA enforcement

Our Solution

  • Exclusive cluster adjustment tracking with agent-less framework
  • Agile monitoring architecture with support for Chef, Puppet, Vagrant and Docker
  • Packet inspection & correlation capability
  • Support for all major cloud environments
  • Match the computing environment agility with aggregation capability
  • Traffic analysis gives you any changes in the DNA of your application
  • KPI goal/tracking capability